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Take Note

Yesterday was taken up with the de-installation of my show at FWCAC. It’s always amazing how quickly the show comes down! 5 days to build, 1 day to pack it up. Of course there is the fun time of putting … Continue reading

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May all your Days be Bright

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! I am so behind on everything this year, and I really can’t understand how that came to pass. I will be taking down my exhibition at the FWCAC right after Christmas so I anticipate even more … Continue reading

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Layer upon Layer

Plastic appears to be innocuous, and ever present, to such a degree that we don’t even notice how much of it there is in our every day lives. The bubble wrap in packaging, the saran wrap on food stuffs, the … Continue reading

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Recent Activity

Sunday I had the pleasure of teaching a group of Middle School students on a university campus.  The program is collaboration between Imagination Celebration and the FWISD. As part of the Young Artist Apprentice Program, the students are teamed up … Continue reading

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I know  many people have strong opinions about guns and gun control, so I thought to add a brief note here before  yesterdays post causes angst. I can be pretty flippant on this subject, partly I am sure because I … Continue reading

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Gun toting Momma

This has been a crazy week. Crazy because I feel like I have so much to do, and I’m going in 20 directions. I’ve been canning and sewing and scanning and , well, you get the idea. Add an eye … Continue reading

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