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Done, Done, Done!

Two proposals out the door and in the mail, and the quilt is finished too! It must be time to celebrate! Doing the happy dance……….

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Deadlines & Digital Media

I have several proposals to get together and send off  before the deadlines arrive so I won’t be around much for the next few days.   I always think it will be quick  to do, but it rarely is, no … Continue reading

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Things are moving along, slowly but surely. Quilting is very satisfying on many levels.  Knowing that I am making something functional, something that will be used for many years, fills a need that just isn’t quite met with my normal … Continue reading

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I love me some tools!

I was in the studio today working away when I started thinking about how much I rely on tools to get things done.  I have always loved tools,  and I would rather get rid of almost anything but one of … Continue reading

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The quilt top is pieced and ready for the border and banding around the edges. My plan was to use plain 8″ or 10″ black borders on three sides but after looking at it I decided it was just too … Continue reading

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What a difference a day makes!

Yesterday began the big melt and water filled the streets around town.  This morning the air was filled with moisture, the mists bringing mystery to a much viewed scene. I love the way the familiar is transformed. There is something … Continue reading

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