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Spring Gallery Night 2010

For the first time in quite a while I didn’t have artwork hanging anywhere and so had a chance to get out and about for gallery night. I didn’t get everywhere I wanted to but made it to many of … Continue reading

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Eye, Eye!

Eyes have been a recurring theme in my artwork over the years. This  just completed sculpture didn’t start out to be about eyes, but evolved into this mask like structure.  In the past I have focused on single eyes and … Continue reading

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Newest piece

I woke up this morning with a raging desire to finish a piece I had packed away, incomplete. While I really liked where I was going with it, I never seemed to feel it was quite finished. Now I think … Continue reading

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Sore Fingers!

Moving along! The first set of 10 are complete. At least the glazing is done, the final paint job will come later. I use my fingers to jam in the glazing before leveling it with the putty knife. My windows … Continue reading

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Project update

I’m moving forward on my goal to get my windows re-glazed and painted. So far I have managed to scrape 10 windows, remove the loose glazing and prime them with an oil base primer. I’ve also repainted most of the … Continue reading

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Spring Projects!

No, that is not what it looks like just yet, but it is time to start planning for summer. I need to re-glaze all of my windows and get my garden ready for the growing season.  Knowing that I have … Continue reading

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