Mimicry, nature and other odd ramblings

In my last post I talked about art mimicking nature. Well, I came across an article -purely by chance- that corresponds with my thoughts.  Here is the link I found on the BBC News site if anyone is interested in learning more about what others think on the subject.  Biomimicry: Beaks on trains and flipper-like turbines

On another subject entirely, my very talented friend Cheryl MacLennan  will be in town for a book signing November 12th, at 1:00 pm at the Barnes and Noble  bookstore at University Village. That’s here in Fort Worth, for you long distance readers.  If you get a chance drop by and and see the beautiful book about the historic homes of Jefferson, Texas and get your autographed copy if you like. More information about her photography can be found at her link on the right.

Kitchen notes: Now that the weather has cooled off a bit, I find I’ve been bitten by the cooking bug.  I try to adhere to a no waste policy when it comes to cooking.  In an effort to use up leftovers I decided to try baked Acorn Squash as a replacement for refried beans when I was making Tostadas for lunch.  I spread the baked squash directly on the toasted corn tostada, added a bit of garlic, some diced chicken and shredded cheese and popped it in the toaster oven for a bit, and it was remarkably good eaten with some good tomato salsa. Delicious!

Honestly, I love to cook. Since discovering just how easy it is to make tamales, I’ve experimented with quite a few types and have come up with some new favorites. Much to my dismay, I discovered we didn’t have any more tamales in the freezer, so I knew it was time once again to get into the tamale making mode. Yesterday I made up 5 dozen Spinach and Ricotta tamales and tomorrow it will be chicken tamales. I had to cook up the chicken today to make the filling. That’s why I had it on hand for the Tostadas!  I freeze my tamales in packages of 6 so when I don’t feel much like cooking I just unwrap, pop them in the steamer basket for a bit until heated through and I’ve got a mouthwatering meal that beats any TV dinner I’ve ever seen.

Knowing I was going to be putting away a large quantity of tamales in my small box freezer I knew it was time to pull out all the fruit I’ve frozen and stored in there this past year and can it up. It turns out I had quite a bit of fruit. I made 8 pints of blueberry pineapple jam, 3 pints and 6 half pints of pure blueberry jam, and 7 pints of  mixed fruit jam that had figs and other fruit.  I should have taken a picture!

I know that sounds like a lot of jam, but believe me, it comes in handy during the holidays as a great gift basket item. Pop in some homemade jam along with a fresh loaf of bread or homemade English Muffins and you have an unbeatable gift-basket.

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