Arts and Crafts fun

Yesterday I spent a good bit of time selecting artwork to take to the new gift shop at the Fort Worth Community Arts Center, aka FWCAC. Wouldn’t it be great if some of it sold! Took a medley of things, some small mesh figures, some wire work and some cable tie objects. I just make it, never really knowing what will strike a fancy. It strikes my fancy, that’s all I can say.

I made no real progress on my quilt though. Just played around with the camera and took photos of blocks with different fabrics. It was fun.  I’m leaning towards the plum for the sashing, though I must admit, I’m really quite fond of that stripe. What do you think?

s-20131123_IMG_4130 s-20131123_IMG_4126 s-20131123_IMG_4118 s2-20131122_IMG_4106 s-IMG_6300 s-20131122_IMG_4115 s-20131122_IMG_4114 s-20131122_IMG_4110 s-20131122_IMG_4108

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