Our House

I named this quilt “Our House”, partly because I plan to keep it and use it on the twin bed in the studio, and in part because the house quilt I finished earlier this year has gone to live far, far away.  This is a very simple design with almost a modern look to it, but I doubt the Modernists amongst us would agree. I haven’t asked! The fabrics I used for the houses came from fabric sample books and being able to repurpose them delights me. My free motion quilting is still jerky and uneven, but perfection is not my aim. Completing unfinished projects is the goal around here and I can pat myself on the back for that at least. I am getting so impatient to start a new project that I can just taste it.

Our House

Our House


quilting detail

quilting detail


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Finished, washed, labeled.

So nice to get another project completed.  I am surprised at how much this quilt shrank up.  The medallion stitching in the center sashing seemed to have plenty of breathing room to stand out before I washed it, but now you can hardly tell it apart from the meandering. Oh well.

What do you think?

s-20131012_IMG_4066 s-20131012_IMG_4067 s-20131012_IMG_4070

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UFO in the works

In case you aren’t familiar with the term, UFO is an unfinished object. I’ve promised myself I would finish up a lot of the incomplete odds and ends that are piling up around here before the year is out.

This is a large lap quilt started a good while ago. The design is similar to the stacked coins pattern. I call it a Nibbles quilt. I am using up bits and pieces of scrap fabrics left over from previous projects.

Nibbles quilt

Nibbles quilt

I’ll show you more when it’s finished!

Until then, keep some art in your heart.

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Op Art Quilt completed


This will be photo heavy, so be prepared.

I finished this quilt last night and boy, am I ever glad. The quilting is not my favorite part of quilting, I love the design and layout, the pushing fabrics together best, but I can’t just have unfinished quilt tops laying about so I force myself to finish them. By the time I’m about half way through, I’ve reached a point where almost any mistake I made is overlooked because  I have my sights set on the end-line.

In the broader scheme of things, I hardly notice the errors.

s-20131004_IMG_4057 copy

The quilt inspector gives her seal of approval.

s-20131004_IMG_4055 copy s-20131004_IMG_4060 copy s-20131004_IMG_4059 copy s-20131004_IMG_4061 copy s-20131004_IMG_4054 copy

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Op Art Quilt progress

Borders with gray and white fabric audition

Borders with gray and white fabric audition

I’ve made progress. I’ve put borders on and the top now will finish out at 81″ square. Not huge but a usable size for a bed. I was limited in my choices of fabrics because I was running low on several of them. I only had a few small pieces of red, and just barely enough black.  Thinking I would not have enough black I decided to make corner blocks that echoed the center block, and I am so glad I did. I think it makes a great tie in to the center of the quilt. Don’t you agree?

Now, it’s audition time! I need to plan the back and finalize the binding fabrics.

Red and White binding?

Red and White binding?

Here you can see the borders and my two top picks for binding. I will not make a final pick until the back is together.

I will need almost 5 yards for the backing and I just don’t have that in a single fabric so I will piece it. This gives me a chance to use up the scraps I generated from the front.  Here’s what I had left over –

How can I use these scraps

The two pieces to the left will be the bulk of the backing.

The front of the quilt is so orderly and planned. With the back I can play a bit more and worry less about staying to the pattern. I can push scraps around and make a collage if I like.

The two blues I've chosen for the backing.

The two blues I’ve chosen for the backing.

I think these fabrics will work well with the fabrics from the front. I need to keep in mind that there will be times when both layers are visible. When I don’t have a pattern I am trying to follow, I can spend a great deal of time playing around with placement and color combos. I’ve built a few blocks and sewn them into strips, trying to use what I have, but not totally limiting myself to those alone if I think I need another element. Here’s where I am at the moment.

Blocks sewn together to make a panel for the backing

Blocks sewn together to make a panel for the backing

I still need a few more inches. Trying to decide on another fabric.

I still need a few more inches. Should I introduce another fabric?

Well, time to get back to it. Hopefully I will have the backing together today and then it’s time to sandwich!

Until next time, keep some art in your heart.




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Just itching to try it!

Sometimes I get an idea stuck in my head that I can’t shake until I try it. There was a post on a Facebook page recently challenging someone to turn a photo of OP ART into a quilt. Yikes! The more I looked at it, the more I wondered how it could be done. I started trying to work it out and finally just had to get out the fabric. Here is where I’m at on the quilt top.

OP ART quilt top

OP ART quilt top

I am at the stage now where I have to decide if I should put borders on it, or just be done with it. Because it measures out at 58″ square, it’s not quite usable as a bed quilt. I could put borders on repeating the colors in the top. I like the idea of the borders increasing in size, much as the pattern decreases. I’m out of red so that isn’t an option.

What would you do?

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