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I’ve noticed quite a few new subscribers lately. Welcome. I am always curious just what it is that brings you to my site. After all, it’s not like I post a lot. Care to enlighten me? Drop me a note … Continue reading

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Mimicry, nature and other odd ramblings

In my last post I talked about art mimicking nature. Well, I came across an article -purely by chance- that corresponds with my thoughts.  Here is the link I found on the BBC News site if anyone is interested in … Continue reading

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There came a Pounding…

The extended cold weather has taken it’s toll on the pipes around town, and close to home as well. My morning started with the repeated pounding of a backhoe breaking the asphalt in the street outside. No lazy transition into … Continue reading

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It’s been a long time now!

Unbelievable! So much time has passed since I posted here last so let me give you a brief update and then I will be back to a more regular posting. Back in September, not too long after the Pecha Kucha … Continue reading

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Corking good time

A friend of mine recently gifted me with oodles of wine corks, a kazillion of them, to be precise! Having a huge quantity of anything is an open door for exploration!  It also means I have the next level of … Continue reading

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Spring is in the Air

The lovely cool weather has kept me outside, working around the house. The vegetable garden is in as well as a few flower seeds. I had never noticed before that flower seeds take longer to germinate than most of my … Continue reading

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