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What’s new

I’ve always admired Lone Star quilts and have been meaning to figure out how to make one so here is my first attempt. This is also my first time using a walking foot, something I’ve been lacking for way too … Continue reading

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Something Old, Something New

Tomorrow is the last day to see Fresh Faces at the Bath House. I meant to post pictures earlier but my site has been having some problems that I think are finally fixed.  Since it’s been so long, and I … Continue reading

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Eye, Eye!

Eyes have been a recurring theme in my artwork over the years. This  just completed sculpture didn’t start out to be about eyes, but evolved into this mask like structure.  In the past I have focused on single eyes and … Continue reading

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Newest piece

I woke up this morning with a raging desire to finish a piece I had packed away, incomplete. While I really liked where I was going with it, I never seemed to feel it was quite finished. Now I think … Continue reading

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Stirring it up!

I am discovering the delights of posting images within a post, trying to get the captions (titles) to appear, and understand how to add padding. What fun, how frustrating! I have added a white border around the images to allow … Continue reading

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Eggs-actly right!

Consider me a new egg, the new kid in the blogosphere, the one who is unsure about the heights of an untried recipe for souffle. I feel like a pre-teen tentatively learning the scope of my domestic domain. Setting up … Continue reading

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